Rory Simmons of Monocled Man gave us an exclusive playlist to delve into what he's enjoying right now:


Oneohtrix Point Never- Ezra // I love this Canadian producer, washes of glitchy noises followed by uncomfortable silences, but drawing the listener into this curious narrative.

Ivan Dorn- Such A Bad Surprise // Wonky Russian future funk that sounds a bit like D'Angleo squeezed through an Eastern bloc blender.

Kit Downes- Outlawed // There's so much charm in this album, I recently revisited it. Kit's shaping of these compositions is enchanting, and he is the owner of a lustrous beard on occasions.

Nine Inch Nails- This Isn't The Place // Cinematic and dark brooding synth-post rock from Trent Reznor. This album is sonically beautiful and dramatic.

Idles- Mother // I caught this band when they were on tour recently, it's lyrically powerful and aggressive- charged with fortified wine.

Jamie Lidell- Julian // Beautifully made new soul music, with the need for the 'nu' moniker.

Native Dancer- S.W.B. // Airily produced electronic soul music from these great musicians (and beautiful people).

Sao Paolo Underground- Ol Dirty Hummingbird // Racuous punky trumpet over clattering grooves.

Tim Berne's Snakeoil- Angles // A lovely twisted vignette from Berne's recent ECM album.

Nate Wooley- The Berries // Incredible trumpet playing and restlessly imaginative compositions from Nate Wooley, and this ensemble of beautiful improvisers.

Leverton Fox- Horsefinger // This band has to be seen live really, so it's hard to choose a track. But the pumping weirdness of this is addictive, best consumed with a cold IPA in a dark room.


OCM present Monocled Man in Oxford on 2 Nov 2017