The aching beauty of the Saharan desert blues

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Grammy award winning Tinariwen offer a taste of the aching beauty and lonesome poetry of Saharan Assouf music, with their blend of traditional West African melodies and rhythms imbued with the guitar driven anthems of the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Santana. Hailing from the Tuareg camps of Libya where nomadic peoples of the Sahara relocated to find work and a new life, founding member Ibrahim Ag Alhabib built his first guitar from a bicycle wire, a stick and a tin can. In these camps he and his band members became exposed to western music and the American blues which they infused with their own soulful trance-like rhythms and would perform in the camps by the fire.

Having been discovered by western musicians in the 1990's they have been travelling the world for the past ten years, performing at every notable festival and venue around the globe.

£23.50 plus booking fee

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